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Knowing which wines to select requires you to do some research in the same way as you would when investing in stocks or bonds, unless you choose to invest in our already vetted Collections of course. To make this easier for you we have created a Learning Academy for our registered users that includes extensive information about fine wine, producers, vintages, scoring, historical data and all other important factors to consider when you make a wine investment. Visit our Learning Academy portal here.
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Scopri tutto ciò che devi sapere sulle regioni vinicole, le tenute e le loro storie per aiutarti a fare una scelta di investimento oculata.

Portfolio Performance

You can make informed investment decisions about your complete portfolio as we have added the performance history of each producer and vintage. This key feature will allow you to evaluate risk-adjusted returns on your investment in real-time, along with historical data to cross-reference your choice. The enhanced portfolio performance tool will help you understand when is the best time to sell for the best return possible. We wanted you to be able to see the whole picture - with our portfolio performance tool, you now can.
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