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It’s been called the “world’s best champagne” over and over. It was the world’s first blanc de blancs. Its winemaking style is legendary. Its last vintage was in 2006. It is over 100 years old, but has just 40 vintages to its name. Suffice to say, Salon champagne is scarce.
The grape has got to be just right
Tiny, ultra-prestigious and ultra-discreet, you would be forgiven if you had never heard of it. No flashy ad campaigns or celebrity creative directors here; only producing millesimes, if there is even one minor factor to upset the purity of the vintage (a too hot summer, a too cold winter), then there will be no vintage that year. Made from just 1-hectare of single vineyard grapes, when (and if) a vintage is released, the maximum will be 60,000 bottles.

Salon was sold to Laurent Perrier in 1986 and joined with its sister house (also a Laurent Perrier holding) Delamotte in 1998. Delamotte is slightly more accessible, producing around 800,000 bottles annually (but still well below other Champagne families such as Moet & Chandon who weigh in at a massive 40 million).
A thirsty following
In order to satisfy an impatient market, however, what the House of Salon has been known to do is re-release a vintage, such as the 1997, first released in 2008 and again in 2017. This caused much excitement amid the champagne enthusiasts, particularly as the wine had only improved with an additional ten years on the shelf: the seductive, silky texture and long, mouth-watering finish was present and offset by a warm maturity that hadn’t been noticeable before.
The world’s best champagne?
With 295 million bottles of Champagne being released annually, (4.3 million exported to Hong Kong and Taiwan), Salon understands that competition is fierce. Still, it does not seem too worried about this; topping the Liv-ex Champagne 50 as the best performing brand over the past decade, with an average increase of 163%, it wears it “world’s best champagne” crown with pride.
Notable facts and vintages
  • Salon’s 2008 vintage saw only 8,000 bottles produced - and for the very first time (though not the last) all of which are magnums. Forever loyal to their importers, Salon president Didier Depond refuses any waitlist despite the tight production of a particularly special vintage already outstripped by demand more than tenfold prior to release in 2019.
  • Salon’s 2007 Le Mesnil Blanc des Blancs Brut prices have jumped +136% in the first 18 months since its release in late 2017, commanding a global average of €528 per bottle and an aggregate score of 96, while Wine Enthusiast gave the 2006 vintage 100/100, prices are around €480 and given “The wine is still young and it will age for years” we’d say opportunity for growth remains for those fortunate enough to get their hands this ‘perfect’ vintage.
  • A 5 bottle lot of Salon’s 1982 Le Mesnil Blanc de Blancs sold for nearly €8,500 as part of Hong Kong’s famed Tran-scend-end auction on March 29th, 2019 - well above Sotheby’s €3,401 to €4,761 estimate.
  • Historically, Salon produces a vintage approximately every three years: Since the first bottling in 1905, a total of thirty-seven vintages were produced in the 20th century.