Wine Guide
The largest of the 13 regions, Rheinhessen’s vast, varied terrain is Germany’s largest region. While much of the 26,000-plus hectares of vineyards are given over to mediocre grapes for blending, there is a small fine wine region. Called Rheinterrasse (Rhine street), the starling beautiful area is planted with vineyards that rise steeply from the left bank of the Rhine.
The Rheinhessen is famous for the variety of grapes it grows which include Sylvaner and Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir), as well as the ubiquitous Riesling. Today, however, there is greater emphasis on the highest quality varieties (Peter Keller’s wines are a perfect example), and Riesling is now the second-most planted variety in the region. Keller is also one of the pioneers of the region that is slowly leading it away from quantity and moving increasingly towards quality.