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Quinta do Crasto
When it comes to investing in wine, what savvy investors need to look for is the capacity to continue improving for decades after bottling. Scarcity is another factor that will raise prices. This resilience and longevity means that values will tend to appreciate over time, provided bottles are properly stored.
100 years of winemaking
Arguably the finest wine estate in the Douro Valley, Quinto do Castro is a single quinta (family-run) estate. Breathtakingly beautiful and historically rich, the 130-hectacre estate has recently (2015) celebrated its 400th birthday and can claim Feitoria status (the highest vineyard classification of the 17th century, rather like the French Cru classification). However, our attention is most captured by the last 100 years, when Constantino de Almeida, a partner in the Port house of Constantino, bought the estate. Four generations later, it looks like Constantino’s gamble has paid off.
Not your typical Douro blend
What started out as a pure Port wine manufacturer has morphed into producing some of the world’s best Portuguese table wines. With Port falling out of favour among the younger generations, this has allowed them to greatly expand their portfolio and gain an international following. Despite their Port wines being some of the best exports of the country, Quinto do Castro was among the pioneers of table wine in Portugal, and their Vinha da Ponte (only available in vintage years and restricted to only a few thousand bottles) has reached legendary status. This is a collector’s choice when it comes to Quinto do Castro, made from 80-year old vines and offering superb ageing. Only three vintages have been produced since 2010, meaning that Vinha Da Ponte has reached the covetable status of having both longevity and scarcity.
It’s not all about Bordeaux and Burgundy you know
With investing in wine up about 20% year on year, it makes sense to look at all potential options before parting with your cash. French wines, particularly the great estates of Bordeaux and Burgundy have long held the first place in investor’s hearts and wallets, but with prices rocking, it seems that Quinto do Castro is a viable contender for the best investing option. In wine, anyone can wear the crown.