The gift that keeps on giving!
Share your passion with a loved one and gift a Wine Collection
Gift a collection with Vindome is easy
1. Login/Sign up
2. Choose a Collection
3. Go to My Basket
4. Choose option: I would like to buy as a gift
5. Enter the name and email of the lucky recipient
6. Choose when you want the gift certificate to be sent out

Why choose Vindome

Discover the power of smart wine investment
Join our global community of over 10,000 investors with free access to hundreds of fine wines. Track your portfolio performance in real-time.
Designed around your budget
No minimum investment or commitment required, you decide when to buy, sell and collect your profit.
Invest on the go
Never miss a market opportunity. Receive investment tips, wine ratings, alerts for new releases and market data in real-time with our mobile app.
A platform for experienced and new investors
Whether you are a new or experienced wine investor, we have the solution. Discover our carefully selected pre-built starter collections or browse our live market for a specific vintage.
You are in safe hands
Invest in wines securely with guaranteed provenance. All cases are sealed with an NFC tag and transactions are recorded on blockchain. Wine is stored safely in our bonded warehouses and fully insured at current market value.
Do it yourself or with the support from our experts
Vindome gives you all tools you need to create and manage your investment portfolio. But don’t worry! Our support team is always on hand for any questions.