About Us

Empowering a global community of wine investors

Vindome is the world’s first wine investment application allowing for investors and wine lovers to connect globally. We set out to revolutionize the world of wine investment and allow for anyone, anywhere to access the world’s fastest growing passion asset.

The Vindome Story

Vindome was born in 2019 by two female entrepreneurs who wanted to disrupt the world of fine wine investment. Driven by a simple vision to make personal wine investments simple and accessible through technology and attract a new generation of investors. They set out to break down the traditional high entry barriers offer secure, direct access to one of the world’s best-performing asset classes.

Vindome’s mission is to offer a borderless, fraud-proof wine trading universe. We guarantee the authenticity of each wine and all transactions are secured thanks to block chain technology.

Today we are seen as one of the most influential wine tech companies worldwide.

We would not be where we are today without the support of our customers and amazing partners, who continuously help us to improve and shape our product and values.

We are backed by Massa Group and Raw Ventures.

If you have any ideas or want to give us feedback, please drop us a line at [email protected].
Vindome, Smart Wine Investment was born
Successfully launched our App
In the middle of a world pandemic, we successfully launched our first iteration of our application on Google Play and Apple store. Vindome, the world’s first wine trading application was born, allowing investors to safely invest and sell wines by the click of a button on their smartphones.
30,000 active investors on the app in over 176 countries
By 2021, we had over 30,000 active investors and the app had been downloaded in over 176 countries. We launched our first En Primeur sales allowing global investors an opportunity to invest directly in En Primeur without using a third party or being asked for high minimum investments.
Launched a complete trading tool kit for advanced and beginner traders
We worked very hard on improving our product and launched a full version of the App,including a complete trading tool kit, helping all traders to be fully in control of their investments.

Why choose Vindome

Discover the power of smart wine investment
Join our global community of over 10,000 investors with free access to hundreds of fine wines. Track your portfolio performance in real-time.
Designed around your budget
No minimum investment or commitment required, you decide when to buy, sell and collect your profit.
Invest on the go
Never miss a market opportunity. Receive investment tips, wine ratings, alerts for new releases and market data in real-time with our mobile app.
A platform for experienced and new investors
Whether you are a new or experienced wine investor, we have the solution. Discover our carefully selected pre-built collections or browse our Live Market.
You are in safe hands
Invest in wines securely with guaranteed provenance. All cases are sealed with an NFC tag and transactions are recorded on blockchain. Wine is stored safely in our bonded warehouses and fully insured at current market value.
Do it yourself or with the support of our experts
Vindome gives you the tools needed to create and manage your investment portfolio.


Portfolio performance
“Wine is for me something exceptional. An asset you can enjoy and invest into. That’s a very rare combination. My investment focus is long term and as fine wine only gets better over time and increases in value, it’s a good asset for me. The ROI is currently around 11% which I find a very decent return as I started using Vindome less than a year ago.”
Portfolio performance
“After receiving a personal recommendation to use Vindome followed by a free, high quality consultation with one of Vindome’s experts to discuss my investment requirements and objectives, I started to build my portfolio and expand my own wine knowledge. It’s exciting to see how my portfolio in a very short time has already proven a great ROI.”
Portfolio performance
“My Portfolio Performance speaks for itself. My only regret is that I should have started to invest in wine sooner.”