How it works

Investing in wine with Vindome is easy. Below a few tips on how to get started.

How to buy wine

There are two ways to buy wine on the Vindome platform: Collections and Live Market. Both options are simple and secure. The Live market includes both Bottled and En Primeur wines.

Vindome's Collections

Our carefully created Wine Collections make creating a balanced portfolio easy. These Collections are created by our wine investment experts taking into consideration different budgets and investment horizons.
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Live Market

Live Market connects wine investors and collectors globally allowing you to buy and sell wines in real time. Two options exist to buy wine on the Live Market: Price Listed and Place a Bid. The platform allows you to filter wines by country, region, appellation, vintage, enprimeur, bottles, colour, producer and price.
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En Primeur

Also known as Wine Futures, En Primeur refers to the process of buying wines in the barrels before they are bottled. Wines are purchased exclusive of Duty and VAT and usually bottles are physically available 18-24 months after release.
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How to select which wine to invest in

Knowing which wines to select requires you to do some research in the same way as you would when investing in stocks or bonds, unless you choose to invest in our already vetted Collections of course. To make this easier for you we have created a Learning Academy for our registered users that includes extensive information about fine wine, producers, vintages, scoring, historical data and all other important factors to consider when you make a wine investment. Visit our Learning Academy portal here.
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How to sell wine with Vindome

Create a sell offer

  1. Select the wine you wish to sell from your portfolio.
  2. Decide how many cases you wish to sell.
  3. Set the price you wish to sell for.
  4. Confirm your order.

Once you have confirmed your order it will appear on the Live Market.

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Match a bid

  1. Go to 'My Portfolio' and select the wine you wish to sell and click the 'Sell' button.
  2. On the right hand side of the screen switch to the 'Sell' tab.
  3. Enter the quantity of cases you wish to sell.
  4. Press the 'Accept Bid' button and your wine will be sold immediately.

If there are no bids on the market above process will not be possible.

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We take care of

Storage & Insurance

Our bonded warehouses offer ideal temperature controlled and secure storage solutions. Storage and insurance fees start from just €1 a month. Wine is insured at market value. For more details please click here.


Our worldwide expert delivery service means you can enjoy your wine at home - or send it to someone as a surprise! Import fees and delivery costs are additional to the price of the wine. For more information visit our FAQ section.


Our team of experts can source your dream wine for you. If you have a special request that is not showing on our Live Market, we will do our best to find it offline through our extensive network of producers and negotiants.

You are in safe hands


Vindome only source wine directly from the producer or negotiant, meaning the wine goes directly from them to our warehouse. When the case enters our warehouse its inspected and approved as well as securely market with a special NFC (Near Field Communication) microchip.

Security & Transparency

All Vindome transactions are secure, transparent and traceable thanks to latest generation information technology. The NFC tag contains information with regards to the contents of the case and transaction history and all transaction are stored on blockchain.

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Do you still have question about how to start your investment journey? Maybe you would like to discuss your investment requirements with an expert before you go ahead and invest?
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