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We have taken Wine Investment to the next level with our advanced toolbox, secure and mobile trading desk and guaranteed authenticity. Join thousands of investors worldwide who rely on our commitment to carefully selecting the best Investment Grade Wines.
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All wines released on our platform are carefully selected by our team of Wine Investment Experts, ensuring we maximise returns for our investors. Our users consistently achieve +17% annualized portfolio performance.
We exclusively source Investment-Grade Wines directly from producers, guaranteeing provenance and authenticity. Choose us as your Wine Investment partner, a platform that never comprises in its commitment to delivering excellence.
Every case sold and stored with us are sealed with an NFC tag allowing for easy verification of the wine’s origin and trading history. All transactions are stored on blockchain further reinforcing the security and transparency of each transaction.
You never miss a market opportunity with our innovative mobile app, allowing you too effortlessly manage your portfolio on the go. You receive investment tips, wine ratings, alerts for new releases and market data in real time.
Live Market Trading
Our Live Market connects Wine Investors and Collectors globally allowing you to buy and sell Wines in the real time. Two options exist to buy wine and the Live Market: Price Listed and Place a Bid.
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Curated Collections
Our carefully created Wine Collections make creating a balance portfolio easy. These Collections are created by our Wine Investment experts taking into consideration different budgets and investment horizons.
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En Primeur
Also known as Wine Futures, En Primeur refers to the process of buying wines in the barrels before they are bottled. Wines are purchased exclusive of Duty and VAT and usually bottles are physically available 18-24 months after release.
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Advanced Tools
We made advanced investment tools easy to use allowing you to manage your own wine investment portfolio and make informed decisions.
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No Minimum Investment
At Vindome we do not ask for any minimum investments. Get started today with free storage and insurance.
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Secured Storage
You are the sole owner of the Wine you invest in and all Wines are safely stored in our boned warehouse and fully insured at current market value.
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Trading Worldwide
Discover why thousands of investors from over 100 countries joined Vindome.
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